Juris Doctor/Masters of Business Administration
Dual Degree Program

Students completing the Lawand Business course of study will be eligible to receive the JD degree from the School of Law and the MBA degree from the School of Business. This course of study may be completed in four years. Normally, students require three years to complete the requirements for the JD degree and two years to complete the requirements for the MBA degree.

Application Procedure
Applicants to the dual degree program must submit formal applications and meet the requirements for admission to both the School of Law and to the Crosby MBA Program, to be eligible for the dual degree.  Contact the Crosby MBA Program and the School of Law for further information on admissions requirements.  Both applications must normally be submitted before a student has substantially completed the requirements of either program. However, petitions requesting admission to the program from students at more advanced stages in either program will be considered.  While applications from current students in either program are common, students often would declare an intention to enter both programs before entering the university on the graduate level.

School of Law Required Courses

(89 hours required for graduation)

First Year

Second Year Second or Third Year

Any student who does not achieve a 77.50 GPA in the fall semester will be required to take 512L, Legal Reasoning. Those students in Legal Reasoning will not take Advocacy & Research until their second year. This course is designed to assist students in meeting the graduation requirements.

Crosby MBA Program of Study

Quantitative Analysis
Mgmt 7420 – Managerial Statistics (1.5) *
Mgmt 7410 – Management Information Systems (1.5) *
Mgmt 7400 – Problem Solving: Spreadsheets & Databases (1.5)
Mgmt 7430 – Operations & Supply Chain Management (3)*
Mgmt 7470 – Data Analysis for Managers (1.5)
Acct 7310 – Accounting for Managers (3)*
Fin 7210 – Microeconomics for Business (1.5)*
Fin 7220 – Economics for Managers (1.5)*
Fin 7410 – Managerial Finance I (1.5)*
Fin 7420 – Managerial Finance II (1.5) *
Finance Elective (3)
Mgmt 7380 – Organizational Behavior & Management: The Individual (1.5)*
Mgmt 7390 – Organizational Behavior & Management: Macro Processes (1.5)*
Mgmt 8970 – Business Environment & Strategy (3)
Mkt 7460 – Managerial Marketing (1.5)*
Mkt 7470 – Advanced Marketing Management (1.5)*
Marketing Elective (3)
Professional Development
BA 8010 – MBA Seminar (1)
BA 8500 – Business Problem Analysis: Field Project (2)
Concentration and Electives
Concentration (6)
Electives from School of Law (6)

*These courses may be waived based on prior course work and acceptable grades.


Students enrolled in the JD/MBA Dual Degree Program will have the following 11 credits of business requirements waived upon successful completion of the JD:
  • BA 7330 Business Law & Regulation
  • BA 7340 Organization Ethics
  • BA 7050 MBA Communications Practice
  • BA 8020 MBA Seminar
  • BA 8030 MBA Seminar
  • BA 8600 Consulting Project Elective

Law School Electives

Students in the dual-degree program must take a total of at least 83 hours of law credit. At least 6 hours of law school electives must come from the following list:

Business School Emphasis Area/Electives

Students must complete 6 hours of study in an emphasis area (other than law) at the College of Business.

Degree Requirement Summary

The program meets the requirements for the J.D. with a total of 83 hours of law credit and 6 hours of study at the College of Business. The program meets the requirements for the M.B.A. with 42 credit hours of courses at the College of Business and 6 elective credit hours at the School of Law.

Policy Guidelines

1. Students may enter the MBA program in the fall, spring or summer semester.  Entry to the Law School is only in the fall.  Students may begin either program first.  However, during the first year of entering law school, only law classes will be taken.  Thereafter, law and business classes may be intermingled.

2.  The School of Law cannot award credit for any class taken before matriculation at the School of Law.  Dual degree candidates must therefore enroll at the School of Law before taking the 6 credits of business courses to be counted toward the J.D. degree.

3.  Dual degree candidates who subsequently decide to pursue only the MBA or the JD degree must complete the degree program in its entirety and subject to the same rules and requirements as students not pursuing a dual degree.

4.  Law students who receive credit under the dual degree program for taking courses at the College of Business may not receive credit for taking other classes outside the School of Law.  Similarly, MBA students pursuing a dual JD degree must select a business emphasis area rather than one outside the College of Business.

5.  Student honors and class ranks at the School of Law will be computed on classes enrolled in as law courses.  Academic Achievement Awards in the MBA Program will be computed on classes enrolled in as business classes.

6.   Students are required by the Graduate School to have a cumulative grade point average of 3.0 in all 7000-level and above Graduate School course work to be eligible to graduate with an MBA.  Grades for law courses applied as electives toward the MBA degree must be at least “C” or better, but will not count in the graduate grade point average calculation.  Numerical law grades are converted to letter grades by the course professor. 

7.  Students are required to complete a minimum of 30 hours of graduate-level course work to earn an MBA.  The six hours of law electives can be included in this.  If students are able to waive all or most of the MBA courses eligible for waiver, they will need to take at least 24 hours of MBA courses to complete their degree.

8.  The Crosby MBA Program and the School of Law reserve the right to limit participation in the program, including dismissal. Students already enrolled in one program must submit an “Application Form for Dual Enrollment in Graduate School and Professional School” form, along with applications for admission to the second program, at the earliest possible time.  Students applying to both programs simultaneously will complete that form at a later date.

9.  The listing of courses does not constitute a binding commitment that the courses will be offered during the student’s course of study or that the graduation requirements will remain unchanged.

10. Students in the dual-degree program are subject to the same rules and regulations that apply to all students at the School of Law and the Trulaske College of Business.

More Information

Crosby MBA Program,
213 Cornell Hall
Columbia, MO 65211-2600
School of Law Office of Admissions,
103 Hulston Hall
Columbia, MO 65211