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Health Insurance

Comprehensive Health Insurance Coverage Requirement for Study Abroad

An important, but often overlooked, part of the study abroad program is arranging for comprehensive health insurance coverage. Having appropriate insurance coverage is important, because without it, you may end up with costly health care bills long after your study abroad experience is over. Many students assume that the health coverage they have in the United States, whether under their parents' plan or their own, will cover them overseas as well. This often is not the case, as many policies have strict coverage limitations, or only cover medical emergencies abroad. The International Center, on behalf of the University of Missouri, requires that all students who study abroad provide proof that they have comprehensive health insurance coverage.

If you find that your current health insurance plan does not cover care overseas or only covers emergencies, you will need to purchase a comprehensive insurance plan for study abroad participants. The International Center at the University of Missouri recommends that you purchase the HTH Worldwide Sickness and Accident Policy for Study Abroad, a policy that was created especially for study abroad students from the four University of Missouri campuses. The cost of insurance has yet to be determined, but in past years it has never exceeded $90.00. More information on how to apply for insurance through HTH Worldwide will be available after February 2010.