School of Law Ambassador

Matthew Dallavis, 3L

  • Hometown: Lake St. Louis, MO
  • Undergrad Institution: Lindenwood University
  • Major: English & Education
  • Email:

Hi!  My name is Matt Dallavis and I’m a third year law student here at Mizzou. I’m a 1999 graduate of Lindenwood University in Saint Charles, MO. For most of the eleven years previous to attending law school I worked in education. Once I decided to change my career path towards law, Mizzou was an easy and obvious choice for me. I have found my classmates, the professors and the staff of the school all fantastic and easy to work with. And even though it’s located on the campus of the largest university in Missouri, the law school feels like an oasis set apart from the rush of the rest of campus.

From 2000-2010, I worked for several schools in the Saint Louis/Saint Charles area as a teacher, an in-school suspension supervisor and as a coach. A conversation with a colleague several years ago set into motion the series of events that has led me here. I was initially concerned that my age and the fact that I have children would be an issue, but I’ve never felt out of place in the slightest. Mizzou Law’s student body is varied enough that you are sure to find a good group of students who share similar backgrounds and experiences.

If you’re thinking that Mizzou might be the place for you or just have questions about the school or Columbia in general, feel free to contact me. I’ll do my best to answer them or I’ll find someone who can. We’re looking forward to hearing from you!