School of Law Ambassador

Ann Hollenberg, 1L

  • Hometown: Columbia, MO
  • Undergrad Institution: Southeast Missouri State University
  • Major: Elementary Education
  • Email:

Like me this time last year, I’m sure you’ve been looking through the pages and links of the University of MO Law School website….over and over and over again.  And like me this time last year, you’re probably asking yourself, how can I know for sure this is where I want to spend the next three years?  Well, now that I’m finally here, I can say with confidence, I’m glad I chose to pursue my law degree at MU. Having received a master’s of education at MU in the 90s and then later becoming the proud parent of an MU business school graduate in 2010, I felt assured of a quality education.  But, like any beginning law student, I found myself both excited and nervous. Admittedly, as a non-traditional student beginning this journey, my questions looked a bit different than those of most of my fellow classmates. Extremely helpful throughout the decision and application process, Michelle and the admissions office were easily accessible.  No question was too big—or too small.  I found the same to be true while attending Admitted Student Day last spring.  Support systems again were evident; professors and current students made themselves readily available.  I left the event thinking, “I can do this!” 

As promised, August’s student orientation schedule was hectic.  But every event we attended appeared to be deliberately designed with our success in mind.  The professors, deans, librarians, staff and fellow students shared advice, answered questions and gave support—all with open invitations for more help if needed.  This attitude truly did not stop after orientation week.  Whether I’m going to class or sitting in the library, 2L and 3L students will introduce themselves and give assistance. Professors and deans have personally offered assurance and asked if there’s anything I need.  While the coursework is rigorous and the expectations are high, the support and concern of the law school’s community are evident. 

As you can guess, at my age, the journey to MU School of Law has not been a straight path. On a personal level, my experiences have included the joys of raising two sons, as well as the unpredictable realities of a long-term illness.   In addition to spending twelve plus years as a teacher, my experience also includes working beside my husband in our family farming operation, and later in our own real estate brokerage. And most recently, about eighteen months ago, I was introduced to the legal field when I began the Paralegal Studies program at William Woods University.   I believe life is best lived as a learning process.  I want to learn, discuss, and apply life’s lessons with others in a meaningful positive manner that can promote change for the better. After careful observation, discussion, and reflection, the answer was clear.  A law degree from MU is tantamount to that goal.  If you find this to be a prominent motivation in your life, I strongly urge you to give MU Law a very close and serious look.  Please know that you can contact me any time.  I am more than happy to answer any questions you may have as you decide the next steps in your journey.  If I can do it, I know you can too.  It’s never too late.