School of Law Ambassador

Larry Lambert, 3L

  • Hometown: St. Peters, MO
  • Undergrad Institution: University of Missouri-Saint Louis
  • Major: Political Science
  • Email:

Hello, My name is Larry Lambert and I’m a 3L at the University of Missouri School of Law. I’m married and have a basset hound named Drayton. I’m starting law school a little later than some others, having served five years in the U.S. Navy before attending UM- St. Louis for my undergraduate degree in Political Science.  

Looking into which law school is the best fit for you is a daunting task. Everyone has their own set of criteria that they apply, and it’s important that you find your way through the static and really evaluate what’s important to you in a law school. The legal market has undergone significant changes in recent years, and the field is calling for more critical and practically minded young lawyers. This drew me to the law school here at Mizzou. While I have heard many of my peers praise the value aspect of the education one gets for their money here at Mizzou, I feel that this is a sort of mischaracterization. Mizzou offers a level of legal education that rivals any in the nation in substance. The faculty is comprised of truly talented legal minds that will challenge you and encourage you to challenge yourself. My first year professors alone come from posts in the Department of Justice, Wall Street, and U.S. Supreme Court clerkships. One would be hard pressed to find a better legal education at any price, the reasonable tuition rates simply made my decision to attend that much easier.  

Knowing that the school offers the quality of legal education you’re looking for is only the first important step in determining whether or not a school is a good fit. Beyond that, one thing to look into is the atmosphere of the school. You’ll be spending a tremendous amount of time in the law school, and it’s integral that you like the atmosphere. Mizzou offers a type of positive atmosphere that I didn’t find at other schools I looked into. You get a sense that the staff and students here genuinely care about you and helping you achieve your goals. I’m eager to help you explore your important decision and see if our law school is a good fit for you. Please feel free to contact me with any questions you might have.