School of Law Ambassador

Desiree Shay, 1L

  • Hometown: Russellville, AR
  • Undergrad Institution: University of Central Arkansas
  • Major: Sociology-Criminology Focus
  • Email:

Hey guys! My name is Desiree Shay and I'm a first year law student here at Mizzou. I was born in western Kansas, but I was raised in Russellville, Arkansas. I graduated from the University of Central Arkansas with a B.S. in Sociology – Criminal focus and a minor in Psychology. For the first two years of undergrad, I was constantly changing my major and mind about what I wanted to do. I became a member of the Greek Judicial Board there and that was one of the factors that prompted me to look into law school more seriously.

Being further from home made me nervous at first. Though at times I still find myself missing my parents and friends back home, adjusting to life up here was not as hard as I was expecting. I found my friend group extremely quickly and a lot of people here will be adjusting to the same things as you – it makes it a lot easier to get along. You'll also find yourself constantly busy. Between class and homework and taking part in the different organizations, you'll have plenty to keep your mind busy.

Beyond that even, I've never felt so welcomed like I have up here. No matter what, I have friends I can turn to that are going through the same struggles, as well as professors – they want you to come talk to them about the materials and make sure that you are keeping up. The admissions staff also does everything in their power to ease your transition – they don't drop you as soon as you've paid deposits. Mizzou Law has such a friendly and home-esque atmosphere,  that I can't imagine having gone anywhere else.