The Law Society

The Law Society was created in 1984 to recognize the strongest financial contributors to the School of Law. Members of The Law Society are preeminent alumni and friends of the School who have pledged themselves to ensure that the educational and professional leadership provided by the School of Law since 1872 will continue for the benefit of future generations.

The power of private philanthropy enables the School of Law to offer academic programs and scholarships that might otherwise be unavailable. It is because of this tremendous support that the administration and faculty may plan for the future.

Individuals are recognized as members of The Law Society with gifts or pledges of $25,000 or more paid over up to five years. Gifts may be designated to existing gift accounts or new accounts may be established supporting students, faculty and programs.

An annual dinner is held in Columbia, Kansas City and St. Louis on a three-year rotation. New members and members elevating their recognition levels are recognized at the events.

Please contact Lisa Eimers, Director of Advancement, at 573-882-4657 or for more information about membership in The Law Society.

Levels of The Law Society




Dean's Circle

Dean's Council


Members of The Law Society

Ambassador Level:

George E. Ashley '48

Alvin H. Einbender '53

Florene Briscoe Fratcher

Robert L. Hawkins Jr. '48

John K. Hulston '41

Marcia R. Shortridge

Charles R. Wall, '70

Dean's Circle Level:

David M. Beckerman '49

Eugene G. Bushmann '60

Richmond C. Coburn '25

John W. Cowden '70

Lawrence G. Crahan '77

Ilus W. Davis '39

Thomas E. Deacy Jr. '40

Don M. Downing '82

Willard L. Eckhardt

Anne Westlake Elsberry '75

Lynn M. Ewing Jr. '54

Rankin M. Gibson '39

Dean's Council Level:

William L. Allinder '79

John F. Arnold '61

Alan L. Atterbury '69

James M. Beck '68

William H. Becker '32

Jean P. Bradshaw II '81

Dudley McCarter, '75

Isabelle McDonough Bram

James E. Brown '51

Jack L. Campbell '70

Donald H. Chisholm '38

John L. Cook '75

Rebecca McDowell Cook '75

Ann K. Covington '77

C. David Darnold '67

R. Lawrence Dessem

Leo E. Eickhoff Jr. '56

Gladys W. Evans

Glenn D. Evans '24

Roger C. Geary '83

Member Level:

Jan Robey Alonzo '82

John F. Appelquist '88

Michael W. Atchison '93

Robert G. Bailey '79

C. Ronald Baird '74

Lane D. Bauer '52

E. Frederick Beihl Jr. '55

Craig S. Biesterfeld '78

Philip W. Bledsoe '84

Walter H. Bley Jr. '80

Irwin E. Blond '70

A. Bradley Bodamer '80

Philip J. Boeckman, '91

E. William Brandecker '49

Ernest F. Brasier '74

David V. Brydon '63

Deanna Apperson Burns '83

Jeffrey A. Burns '83

Edward D. Chapin '72

Matthew A. Clement '95

Morry S. Cole '97

Jeffrey J. Comotto '83

James E. Conway '53

Greg L. Copeland, '84

William M. Corrigan Jr. '85

Louis F. Cottey '31

Joe E. Covington

John C. Cozad '72

Clyde W. Curtis '82

Jay M. Dade '93

Melody Richardson Daily '86

Deborah Daniels '77

Charles E. Dapron '48

Christopher J. Daus '86

James H. Davidson II '69

Kenneth D. Dean '76

F. Joe DeLong III, '75

Robert A. Dempster '34

Dale C. Doerhoff '71

Elvin S. Douglas Jr. '57

E. Sidney Douglas III '83

Martha J. Dragich

Angela K. Drake

L.B. Eckelkamp Jr. '68

Rosalie Eickhoff

John P. Emde '55

Anita R. Estell '86

Jay L. Faurot '65

James A. Finch Jr. '32

Lehman Finch '40

William B. Fisch

David A. Fischer '68

Harold J. Fisher '47

David L. Forbes '74