Calendar : 1L Career Development Boot Camp
Event : 1L Career Development Boot Camp
Event Type: Career Development
Event Description : As you are no doubt aware, finding a job is not as easy as it once was, and will likely require substantial time and effort on your part. The Career Development Office is here to give you the tools you need to be successful. This year, we will be holding a Career Development Boot Camp exclusively for 1L students to help get you started. Although exact times have not yet been determined, the Boot Camp will begin on Friday, November 2 and conclude on Sunday, November 4. We are planning all sorts of programs and training sessions to help get you prepared for the job search process, and promise to mix in a little fun with the substance. Attendance at this event is mandatory for all 1L students who wish to participate in on-campus interviews. If you are unable to attend, please speak with Dean Key as soon as possible.
Date : 2 November 2012
Time : 4-8 pm (8 am-5 pm Saturday & Sunday)
Location : Hulston Hall