Calendar : American Constitution Society Speaker
Event : American Constitution Society Speaker
Event Type: Students
Event Description : Moderated by the Honorable Michael Wolff, a four-person panel will begin a discussion about the margins of criminal justice in Missouri. Professor Eric J. Miller (St. Louis University School of Law) will argue that low-level courts, like the municipal court system in Missouri, exist in the margin of adjudication. Moreover, the academy does not focus on these courts because there are rarely any published opinions, and the accused hardly ever appeal from adverse judgments. Next, Thomas Harvey (Executive Director, ArchCity Defenders) will discuss his organization’s Court Watching Program, in which volunteers will visit various St. Louis County Municipal Courts over three months and help ArchCity Defenders compile data for use in aiding indigent offenders. Finally, Missouri State Representative Chris Kelly (D - Columbia) and Professor Rodney Uphoff (University of Missouri School of Law) will discuss HB 215, which would allow Missouri State Public Defenders to refer misdemeanants to private attorneys as a means to relieve their current caseload. Through this panel, we hope to begin an academic and pragmatic discussion about access to justice in Missouri and bring to the fore an otherwise invisible court system. The event is open to the public. This even thas been approved for a general professional perspectives credit.
Date : 1 March 2013
Time : 1:00-2:50 pm
Location : Hulston Hall, Room 7