Calendar : Did That Just Happen?
Event : Did That Just Happen?
Event Type: Students
Event Description : “Did That Just Happen?” Recognizing and Dealing with Sexual Harassment in the Profession
Speakers: Judge Deborah Daniels (’77), Associate Circuit Judge, Boone County, MO Kelly King (’07), Assistant Prosecuting Attorney, Warren County, MO George Smith (’03), Partner, Johnston & Smith, LLC, Columbia, MO. Whether you are a man or a woman, it could happen to you! What would you do? The legal profession is not always professional. Some men and women act badly and people’s careers and emotions are damaged. There are often situations when an attorney is subject to a suggestive comment, a flirtatious statement, or an inappropriate joke. Are those instances of sexual harassment? When nothing egregious has happened, where is the line drawn? What happens when someone clearly crosses the line? Don’t inadvertently become a perpetrator. Come and join what promises to be a lively discussion with seasoned professionals about their experiences of and observations about one of the seedy sides of the profession. Snacks are provided! RSVP via Symplicity This event has been approved for a general professional perspectives or a career component credit.
Date : 22 April 2013
Time : 2:00-2:50 pm
Location : Hulston Hall, Room 5