Calendar : Kwanzaa
Event : Kwanzaa
Event Type: Other
Event Description : Kwanzaa is an African-American holiday started by Maulana Karenga, an African world scholar, in 1966. It is based on the agricultural celebrations of Africa called "the first fruits" celebrations, which are times of harvest, gathering, reverence, commemoration, and recommitment. Therefore, Kwanzaa is a time for achievements, reverence for the Creator and creation, commemoration of the past, recommitment to cultural ideals, and celebration of the good. Kwanzaa, a Swahili word, means "first," Kwanzaa, spelled with the double vowel at the end of the word, refers to the holiday. NOTE: Kwanzaa is a cultural holiday, not a religious one, thus available to and practiced by Africans of all religious faiths.
Date : 26 December 2014
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