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Miranda Loesch

Michael White, 2L

My name is Michael White. I'm from Hannibal, Missouri; AKA, "America's Hometown." When asked where I'm from, I typically include the latter distinction. When blank stares ensue (as they often do), I further explain by saying,  "ya know, Mark Twain, Tom Sawyer, etc.," as that's really our only claim to fame. I graduated high school in 2008, and I attended Hannibal-LaGrange University on a soccer & golf scholarship for undergrad, where I eventually earned my BS degree in Business Administration, with a concentration in Economics. I enrolled at Mizzou Law immediately after graduating from HLGU in 2012. Despite every piece of literature in circulation advising me not to go to law school, I justified my decision with the knowledge that law degrees are extrememly versatile. I think the law school experience is very unique in that it can open many doors in the professional world, even outside the legal arena. In other words, you can attain jobs in a variety of fields with a law degree. With my business background, I was initially drawn toward the transactional side of law, but after completing my 1L year, I have yet to pursue a specific area of law because there is still much more to explore. I would be more than happy to elaborate on my law school and legal work experiences for anyone inclined to ask. All the best in your career endeavors.