Journal Volume 1985

Defamation and Alternative Dispute Resolution: Healing the Sting Robert M. Ackerman 1
A Preliminary Analysis of the Uses of Scientific Models in Dispute Prevention, Management and Resolution J.D. Nyhart & E.A. Dauer 29
Thesis (Preventative Law), Antithesis (Adversarial Process), Synthesis (Settlement, ADR): A Comment on Nyhart and Dauer Louis M. Brown 55
Dispute Resolution and Preventive Law: A Reply to Professor Brown E.A. Dauer & J.D. Nyhart 59
Clinical Negotiating Achievement as a Function of Traditional Law School Success and as a Predictor of Future Negotiating Performance Charles B. Craver 63
The Impact of Opinion 11 on the Publication of Arbitration Awards Donald J. Petersen & Julius Rezler 73
Re-Examination of Litigation Trends in the United States: Galanter Reconsideration Kenyon D. Bunch & Richard J. Hardy 87
Conflict and Paradox in the New American Mediation Movement: Status Quo and Social Transformation Ted Becker 109

The Doctrine of Intertwining: A Dead-End After Dean Witter Reynolds, Inc. v. Byrd   131

Recent Developments: The Federal Arbitration Act   143
Recent Developments: The Uniform Arbitration Act   169

S. Goldberg, E. Green, & F. Sandler: Dispute Resolution John S. Murray 239