Journal Volume 1989

Early Neutral Evaluation: The Second Phase David I. Levine 1
How Existing Procedures Shape Alternatives: The Case of Grievance Mediation Deborah M. Kolb 59
Mediation Interventions and Restorative Potential: A Case Study of Juvenile Restitution arry Mika, Kimberly Cole and Ammarie Aylard 89

Cool Hand Lawyers: White Collar Crime and tactics of the Prosecution and Defense M. Shawn Askinosie 107
Child Custody Mediation: A Proposed Alternative to Litigation Terri Garner 139
Applying ADR to Hospital Staff Privilege Disputes: A Prescription for the Future of Health Care Laurel M. Shealy 157

Labor Arbitration and State Wrongful Discharge Actions: Due Process or Remedial Double Dipping?: Lingle v. Norge Division of Magic Chef, Inc. John Porter Hoel 179
Hey Counselor, Can you Spare a Dime? The Seventh Circuit's High-Water Mark in Curbing Meritless Arbitration Awards: Hill v. Norfold & Western Railway Robert K. Angstead 199
A Sour Lemon? Federal Preemption of Lemon Laws Regulations of Informal Dispute Resolution Mechanisms: Motor Vehicle Manufacturers Association v. Abrams David P. Hiatt 211
Setting the Standard for Overturning an Arbitrator's Award that Violates Public Policy: United Paperworks International v. Misco, Inc. Brian E. Darling 225

Recent Developments: The Uniform Arbitration Act   237

Getting Disputes Resolved: Designing Systems to Cut the Cost of Conflicts William Ury, Jeanne M. Brett & Stephen B. Goldberg James E. Westbrook 309