Journal Volume 1990 No. 1

The Context, Properties, and Constitutionality of Nonconsensual Arbitration: A Study of Four Systems John R. Allison 1
Chipping Away at Lawyer Veracity: The ABA's Turn Toward Situational Ethics in Negotiation Ruth Fleet Thurman 103

Just Saying No: Avoiding Predispute Agreements to Arbitrate Securities Cases Jim Parks 117
The Catch-22 of Mandatory Summary Jury Trials Daniel K. O'Toole 135

The Public's Need to Know vs. Effective Settlement Techniques: The First Amendment Confronts the Summary Jury Trial Cincinnati Gas and Electric v. General Electric Co. Anne E. Billings 149
Consumers Swallow Another Lemon: Agency Consent Order Preemption of State "Lemon Law" Standards for Informal Dispute Resolution General Motors v. Abrams Gregory L. Barnes 163
Constitutionally Recognizing Court Mandated Arbitration: Paradise Found or Problems Ahead? Firelock, Inc. v. District Court Scott M. Badami 179
Bridging the Procedural Gap: Arbitration Decisions as a Basis for Collateral Estoppel Benjamin v. Traffic Executive Association Eastern Railroads Robert M. Bain 189

Anatomy of Mediation, S. Kagel and K. Kelley Mediate Don't Litigate, P. Lovenheim Michele S. G. Hermann 201