Journal Volume 1990 No. 2

Dispute Resolution: A Matrix of Mechanisms Nancy Neslund 217
Consumer Problems and ADR: An Analysis of the Federal Trade Commission-Ordered General Motors Mediation and Arbitration Program Arthur Best 267
Litigation Management Proposals: Storm Clouds for Voluntary ADR? Leo Dryer 293
Mediator Accountability: Responding to Fairness Concerns Judith L. Maute 347

Mediation and Medical Malpractice Disputes: Potential Obstacles in the Traditional Lawyer Perspective Andrew McMullen 371
When Your Law Firm Wants a Divorce: Mediating the Dissolution of Law Firms Brian K. Asberry 387
Enforcing Forum-Selection Clauses: The Federal Court Dilemma and the Arbitration Clause Alternative Lee R. Hardee 401

The Mini-Trial: Misunderstanding and Miscommunication May Short-Circuit is Effective Use in Settlements Lightwave Technologies, Inc. v. Corning Glass Works Annie Billings 417
Arbitration Awards in Uninsured and Underinsured Motorist Insurance Provisions: Which Public Policy to Apply? Mendes v. Automobile Insurance Co. of Hartford L. Dean Wilson 431
Enforcing International Arbitration Agreements Marchetto v. DeKalb Genetics Corp. Karen Massey 445

Casebook Case Study: Before the First Shot is Fired: Hypothetical Use of Alternative Dispute Resolution to Avoid Re-Enactment of the Hatfields and the McCoys Kirkham v. Wright Christian C. Doherty & Christopher J. Moeller  

Recent Developments: The Uniform Arbitration Act 471

Mediation: Law, Policy & Practice Rona L. Pietzak 541