Journal Volume 1993 No. 2

The Labor Contract and External Law: Revisiting the Arbitrator's Scope of Authority Stephen L Hayford & Anthony V. Sinicropi 249
Wrongful Discharge: Litigation or Arbitration? Terry A. Bethel 289

Juvenile Diversion: An Alternative to Juvenile Court S'Lee A. Hinshaw II 305
Peer Mediation Programs: Teaching Students Alternatives to Violence Brian K. Harper 323

Labor Arbitration in Public Agencies: An Unconstitutional Delegation of Power of the "Waking of a Sleeping Giant?" United Transportation Union v. Southern California Rapid Transit Karen M. Speiser 333
Connecticut's Trial by Lawyer: Contract Disputes and the Attorney Fact Finder Beizer v. Goepfert Craig R. Heidemann 349
The Summary Jury Trial: A Summary of Issues in Dispute Resolution Day v. NLO, Inc. T. Robert Cook 359
Contractual Agreements to Arbitrate Disputes: Whose Intent Controls? Skewes v. Shearson Lehman Bros Eric M. Landoll 373
Monetary Damages Against States - Arbitrators Have Power to Award, But Federal Courts Cannot Enforce Tennessee Department of Human Services v. United States Department of Education R. Scott Reid 383

Recent: Developments: The Uniform Arbitration Act   397