Journal Volume 1995 No. 2

Saving The Summary Jury Trial: A Proposal to Halt The Flow of Litigation And End the Uncertainties Ann E. Woodley 213
Summary Jury Trial: A Proposal From The Bench Alexander B. Denson 303

Mandatory Arbitration And Title VI: Can Employees Ever See Their Rights Vindicated Through Statutory Causes of Action? Metz v. Merrill Lynch, Pierce, Fenner & Smith Penelope Hopper 315
The Federal Arbitration Act and Sections 2's "Involving Commerce" Requirement: The Final Step Towards Complete Federal Preemption Over State Law and Policy Allied-Bruce Terminix v. Dobson Isham R. Jones 327
Is Arbitration Final and Binding? Public Policy Says, "Not Necessarily!" Exxon Shipping Company v. Exxon Seamen's Union Todd M. Siegel 351
We Can Settle This Here Or Downtown: Mediation Or Arrest for Domestic Violence Calls? Eagleston v. Guido Dale T. Smith 369
Recent Developments: The Uniform Arbitration Act   383