Journal Volume 1996 No. 2

Escaping the Courthouse: Private Alternative Dispute Resolution in Los Angeles Elizabeth Rolph, Erik Moller & Laura Petersen 277
A Primer on Competitive Bargaining Gary Goodpaster 325
Danger -- Inequality of Resources Present: Can the Environmental Mediation Process Provide an Effective Answer? Elaine Smith 379

Determining the Timeliness of a Securities Claim Filed for Arbitration: Substantive Eligibility Requirement or Procedural Statue of Limitations? Carla K. Williams 403

Head 'em Off at the Impasse!: A Victory for Management in the War to Implement its "Last Best Offer" Mountain Valley Educational Ass'n v. Main SAD No. 43 Thomas C. Albus 429
Can the United States be a Party to Binding Arbitration? The Constitutional Issues Re-evaluated Tenaska Washington Partners II v. The United States Catherine Chatman 447
Standards of Arbitrator Impartiality: How Impartial Must They Be? Lifecare International, Inc. v. CD Medical, Inc. Elizabeth A. Murphy 463
Judicial Review of Contract Interpretation by Labor arbitrators: Whose Brand of Industrial Justice? Houston Lighting & Power Co. v. IBEW Local Union No. 66 Michael G. Munsell 477

Recent Developments: the Uniform Arbitration Act Dana A. Chamblee, Matthew S. Darrough, Reachel A. Jennings, Trina R. Ricketts 491