Journal Volume 1997 No. 1

The Messenger as the Medium of Communication: The Use of Interpreters in Mediation Ileana Dominguez-Urban 1
Freeing the Parties From the Law: Designing an Interest and Rights Focused Model of Landlord/Tenant Mediation Joel Kurtzberg & Jamie Henikoff 53

Physician-Patient Arbitration Agreements: Procedural Safeguards May Not Be Enough Buraczynski v. Eyring Jennifer Gillespie 119
Arbitrator or Private Investigator: Should the Arbitrator's Duty to Disclose Include a Duty to Investigate? Abdullah E. Al-Harbi v. Citibank, N.A. and Citibank, A.S. LR. Travis Jacobs 133
Appeals of Orders Compelling Arbitration in Embedded Proceedings Must Wait Altman Nursing, Inc. v. Clay Capital Corp. Carla Kemp 143
Contracting for Judicial Review of Arbitration Awards: Can an "Errors of Law" Clause Provide Two Bites of the Apple? Gateway Technologies, Inc. v. MCI Telecommunications Corp. Brian T. McCartney 151
The Inferred Explicit Standard -- Waiver of Sovereign Immunity Via an Arbitration Clause Sokaogon Gaming Enter. Corp., et al. v. Tushie-Montgomery Assoc., Inc. Michael Stoffregen 165
The Public Policy Exception: A Narrow Exception to Judicial Review or an Independent Means of Avoiding Arbitration Agreements? Exxon Corp. v. Baton Rouge Oil and Chemical Workers Union Elizabeth Tenorio 173