Journal Volume 1998 No. 1

"I'll Take it for What it is Worth" -- The Use of Hearsay Evidence by Labor Arbitrators: A Primer and Modest Proposal Marvin F. Hill, Jr. & Tammy M. Westhoff 1
Qualification Requirements of Mediators Norma Jeanne Hill 37

Functus Officio: Does the Doctrine Apply to Labor Arbitration? Teamsters Local 312 v. Matlack, Inc. Amy Markel 53
Preliminary Injunction of Arbitration Proceedings Six Clinics Holding Corporation, II v. Cafcomp Systems, Inc. Heidi Albers 65
Arbitration Agreements: Should a Union Be Allowed to Make Collective Bargaining Agreements That Bind Individuals' Federal Statutory Claims to Arbitration? Brisentine v. Stone & Webster Engineering Corp. Troy Groat 73
Protecting Against Employment Discrimination: The Ninth Circuit's Interpretation of Mandatory Arbitration of Title VII Claims Renteria v. Prudential Inc. Co. of America Todd C. Stanton 85
Restoring Faith in the Attorney/Client Relationship: Alaska's Mandatory Fee Arbitration A. Fred Miller, Attorneys at Law, P.C. v. Purvis Byron D. Brown 95
The FAA Exclusionary Clause: Are We Headed for a Broader Interpretation of Interstate Commerce? Miller v. Public Storage Management, Inc. Matthew Potter 105