Journal Volume 2002 No. 1

The Lawyer-Negotiator as Mood Scientist: What We Know and Don't Know About How Mood Relates To Successful Negotiation [Abstract] Clark Freshman, Adele Hayes, Greg Feldman 1

Suppose It's Not True: Challenging Mediation Ideology [Abstract] Deborah R. Hensler 81
Why Suppose? Let's Find Out: A Public Policy Research Program on Dispute Resolution [Abstract] Lisa B. Bingham 101
Procedural Justice Research and the Paucity of Trials [Abstract] Chris Guthrie 127
Finding Out If It Is True: Comparing Mediation and Negotiation through Research Craig A. McEwen, Roselle L. Wissler 131
Mediation as One Step in Adversarial Litigation: One Country Lawyer's Experience [Abstract] John R. Phillips 143
Mediating Preferences: Litigant Preferences for Process and Judicial Preferences for Settlement [Abstract] Judith Resnick 155
The Emperor's New Clothes: Mediation Mythology and Markets [Abstract] Susan S. Silbey 171
Disputants' Decision Control in Court-Connected Mediation: A Hollow Promise Without Procedural Justice [Abstract] Nancy A. Welsh 179

Arbitration Agreements in Labor and Employment Contracts: Well Within the Reach of the FAA Lisa M. Eaton 193
The Ability of Native American Tribes to Waive Their Tribal Sovereign Immunity in Clear and Unequivocal Contracts to Arbitrate Emily J. Huitsing 213
No Out for the Federal Government: Enforcing Contractual Arbitration Clauses in Federal Government False Claims Actions Sarah A. Wight 227