Journal Volume 2004 No. 1

Damages: Using a Case Study to Teach Law, Lawyering, and Dispute Resolution Melody Richardson Daily, Chris Guthrie, Leonard L. Riskin 1
Summary of Damages Donna L. Pavlick 11
Damages as Narrative Melody Richardson Daily 21
Damages: Expert Witnesses Stephen D. Easton 37
Damages: The Litigation Environment Stephen D. Easton 57
Understanding Settlement in Damages (and Beyond) Chris Guthrie 89
The Insurance Aspects of Damages Robert H. Jerry, II, Douglas R. Richmond 107
Teaching and Learning from the Mediations in Barry Werth’s Damages Leonard L. Riskin 119
Relations between Lawyer and Client in Damages: Model, Typical, or Dysfunctional? Rodney J. Uphoff 145

Experiences of Collaborative Law: Preliminary Results from The Collaborative Lawyering Research Project Dr. Julie Macfarlane 179
Assessing Mediator Performance: The Usefulness of Participant Questionnaires Roselle L. Wissler, Robert W. Rack, Jr. 229

To Be Announced: Silence from the United States Supreme Court and Disagreement among Lower Courts Suggest an Uncertain Future for Class-Wide Arbitration Jonathan R. Bunch 259
Going Dutch: Should Employees Have to Split the Costs of Arbitration in Disputes Arising from Mandatory Employment Arbitration Agreements? John F. Crawford 277
Securities Arbitration Awards of Punitive Damages: Protective or Expansive Steps for Review? Andrew Kopp 289