Journal Volume 2007 No. 1

Conflict Resolution and Systemic Change Susan Sturm
Howard Gadlin
Court-Connected Arbitration in the Superior Court of Arizona:
A Study of Its Performance and Proposed Rule Changes
Roselle L. Wissler
Bob Dauber
Following the Script: An Empirical Analysis of Court-Ordered
Mediation of Medical Malpractice Cases
Ralph Peeples
Catherine Harris
Thomas Metzloff
When Lawyers Move Their Lips: Attorney Truthfulness in Mediation
and a Modest Proposal
Don Peters 119

Beyond the Assumptions: News Reporting and Its Impact on Conflict

Richard C. Reuben

Social Conflict: Some Basic Principles

Dean G. Pruitt

Eleven Big Ideas about Conflict: A Superficial Guide for the Thoughtful Journalist

Leonard L. Riskin

Changes in Conflict Framing in the News Coverage of an Environmental Conflict

Linda L. Putnam
Martha Shoemaker

Press Coverage of Interethnic Conflict: Examples from the Los Angeles Riots of 1992 Hemant Shah 177
News Coverage and Social Protest: How the Media’s Protest Paradigm
Exacerbates Social Conflict
Douglas M. McLeod 185
Communication Channels, Spatial Stereotyping, and Urban Conflict:
A Cross-Scale and Spatio-Temporal Perspective
Sorin A. Matei
Sandra Ball-Rokeach
Stefan Ungurean
Media, Memory, and Forgiveness: Case Studies in South Africa and Argentina’s
Conflict Resolution Processes
Byron T. Scott
Carolina Escudero
Anya Litvak
A Public Relations Perspective to Manage Conflict in a Public Health Crisis Qi Qiu
Glen T. Cameron
Media and International Conflict: A Multidisciplinary Approach Eytan Gilboa 229
News Coverage, the Expansion of Discourse, and Conflict Philip Seib 239
Wanted: Leaders, Journalists, Scholars, and Citizens with the Right Stuff!:
A Reflection on Conflict, Journalism, and Democracy
Edmund B. Lambeth 247

Let’s Get Together: An Analysis of the Applicability of the Rules
of Professional Conduct to Collaborative Law

Brian Roberson


The FAA and the USERRA: Pro-Arbitration Policies Can Undermine
Federal Protection of Military Personnel
Laura Bettenhausen


Too Many Motions for Vacatur of Commercial Arbitration Awards?
The Eleventh Circuit Sanctions Unwary Litigants
Christopher McKinney 283
Resisting Equal Footing: Did the Wisconsin Supreme Court
Disguise an Assault on Arbitration?
Peter Wilder 297
A Little Fish in a Big Sea: Should Consumer Protection Statutes
Override Class Arbitration Waivers?
Thomas Wilmowski 313