Journal Volume 2007 No. 2

Mediation, Improvisation, and All That Jazz John W. Cooley 325
Community Lawyering in the Juvenile Cellblock: Creative Uses of Legal Problem Solving to Reconcile Competing Narratives on Prosecutorial Abuse, Juvenile Criminality, and Public Safety David Dominguez 387
The Application of Due Process to Arbitration Awards of Punitive Damages--Where is the State Action? Charles Smith 417
The Mediator as Cook: Mediation Metaphors at the Movies Jennifer L. Schulz 455

State Legislative Update

J. Matthew Belz
Caleb Lewis
Remington Smith
Peter Wilder


Returning to the Circle: The Reemergence of Traditional Dispute Resolution in Native American Communities

Jessica Metoui


Beyond "Let Them Eat Cake": An Argument for the Armendariz Method of Cost Allocation in Mandatory Employment and Consumer Arbitration

Dan O'Hearn


Sacrificing Settlement Agreements in the Name of Mediation Confidentiality: The California Supreme Court's Narrow Holding Has Harsh Consequence Laura J. Bettenhausen


"Low-Value" & "Predictably Small": When Should Class-Arbitration Waivers be Invalidated as Unconscionable? Christopher B. McKinney 579
Arbitration by Accident: The Consequence of Unintentionally Meeting the Clear and Unmistakable Evidence Standard Mark A. Mulchek 597
Only the Rich Can Afford a Remedy: The Unconscionable Enforcement of Arbitration Provisions Against the Indigent Ryan M. Turley 611