Journal Volume 2008 No. 1

Developing Better Lawyers and Lawyering Practices: Introduction to the Symposium on Innovative Models of Lawyering John Lande 1
Colliding Worlds of Dispute Resolution: Towards a Unified Field Theory of ADR David A. Hoffman 11
Looking Down the Road Less Traveled: Challenges to Persuading the Legal Profession to Define Problems More Humanistically Nancy A. Welsh 45
The Evolution of the New Lawyer: How Lawyers are Reshaping the Practice of Law Dr. Julie Macfarlane 61
Collaborative Family Law, the New Lawyer, and Deep Resolution of Divorce-Related Conflicts Pauline H. Tesler 83
The Ethics of Collaborative Law Scott R. Peppet 131
Collaborative Law Practice: An Unbundled Approach to Informed Client Decision Making Forrest S. Mosten 163
Why Should Businesses Hire Settlement Counsel? Kathy A. Bryan 195
Practical Insights From an Empirical Study of Cooperative Lawyers in Wisconsin John Lande 203

Beyond the Box Score: A Look at Collective Bargaining Agreements in Professional Sports and Their Effect on Competition

Ryan T. Dryer


Rejecting the Intertwining Doctrine: Favoring ADR While Hindering Judicial Efficiency and Economy Michael Bekesha


Suing for Small Potatoes: Consumer Class Action Waivers in Arbitration Agreements Distinguished by the Ninth Circuit Jaimee Conley 309
Expanding the Power of U.S. Courts in Private International Arbitration--Moderation Loses to an Extreme Amy Moore 321
Interest Arbitration Clauses in §8(F) Pre-Hire Agreements: Effective for Achieving Genuine Collective Bargaining or Enabling Parties to Underhandedly Gain Majority Bargaining Power? Thomas Riske 333