LL.M Fees and Expenses

Cost Of Education

Excluding books, living expenses, and other personal expenses, the cost for the 24-credit hour program would be:

  • Missouri resident, total for a 24 credit hour program: $17,125
  • Nonresident, total for a 24 hour program: $32,444

See LL.M. Expenses for a detailed budget including direct and indirect expenses.

All fees are subject to change by decision of the Board of Curators. For details, click here.

Types of Financial Assistance

Most LL.M. students finance their education through a combination of savings, loans, and employment. A limited amount of departmental scholarship/fellowship money is available for students accepted for full-time study. For more details on funding options, see the LL.M Financial Aid Web page.

Medical Insurance for Graduate Students

Visit the Graduate School web site for information about medical insurance programs. The University of Missouri has an Immunization Policy for all students. Details on the policy can be found at the Student Health Center web site or by calling (573) 882-9109.

Books and Course Materials

Books can be purchased at the University Bookstore or through their web site. Some courses may not have books and/or may have photocopied materials that can be purchased at the Quick Copy Center in Ellis Library.

Determining Residency

See the Residency requirements on the Law School web site or call (573) 882-3852 for rules governing state residency status.

Time and Method of Payment of Fees

Arrangement for the payment of all University tuition and fees must be made at the time of registration as a condition of admission to classes. Students who preregister must arrange payment by the announced deadline or the advance registration will be canceled and the student will be required to register again. Enrollment is not complete until arrangements have been made for payment of fees. The student may choose one of the following methods of payment:

  • Standard Plan: Payment in full on or by due date.
  • Minimum Payment Plan: Minimum payment of one-fourth or one-fifth (depending on the date of registration) of the fee balance by the deadline date. Note that choosing the minimum payment results in 1% finance charge per month.
  • Financial Aid, Scholarship, & Third Party: Students MUST notify Cashiers in writing of this arrangement by the deadline date each semester. If the Financial Aid or Third-party Sponsor will not cover all of the fees and charges on the student's account, the minimum payment must be met by the deadline date.

Students must be enrolled before they can use any of the services on campus, such as using their student ID to buy books, checking books out of the library, or going to the Student Recreation Center. If a student has a tuition waiver from a scholarship or fellowship, the waiver reduces the amount of their bill, however they still have to make a payment on the balance that is left.

For information on the above methods of fee payment, write or call the Cashiers Office, 15 Jesse Hall, (573) 882-3097, or see the Cashiers Office web page.

Form of Payment

  • Cashiers checks, money orders, and travelers checks.
  • Credit cards: Only Discover, American Express and MasterCard are accepted toward payment of fees. Please be aware that a 2.75% service fee will apply. Credit card payments may only be made through a third party vendor which can be accessed through myZou. Please be aware that a 2.75% service charge will apply. Refunds based on credit card payments will be refunded to the credit card.
  • Personal checks for payment of fees or other obligations to the University will be accepted only when the amount of the check does not exceed the amount due. A service charge of $20 is assessed on each check returned unpaid.
  • A student presenting a check to the University in payment of tuition (which is returned unpaid and remains unpaid after the close of the regular registration period), shall be considered a late registrant and shall be subject to the late registration fee in addition to the bad check charge. The enrollment also may be subject to cancellation.

Method of Payment

Students may make payment by the following methods:

  • myZou: Pay online via direct debit of a checking account.
  • In person: At the Cashiers Office, 15 Jesse Hall.
  • Mail: A return envelope is provided with every billing statement.

Late Registration Fee

A late registration fee is charged if students do not complete registration by the last day of regular registration. The late fee is equal to one undergraduate credit hour. This fee is in addition to all other fees.

Refund of Fees

If a student leaves the University or drops a course, a formal request must be filed with the Graduate School. Full and partial refunds will be paid, with some exceptions, as published on the Cashiers Office web site. Deductions may be made from the refund for any money students owe the University.