CSDR-LL.M. E-newsletter Archives

Vol. 1, Issue 16 - January 19, 2001

What's Inside:


The brown bag on Monday, January 22 will be located in room 109 and will begin at 12:10. It will end at 12:50 so that people can get to 1 PM classes. It will be used to start planning the brownbags for the rest of the semester. Please come with your ideas about what you would like to hear and participate in. If you have any other suggestions about frequency, format, timing, etc., this would be a good time to discuss them.

Topics and presenters suggested last semester are listed below (in no particular order). We will start with this list and brainstorm some more options. (Apologies if you made a suggestion that is inadvertently omitted from the following list.)

  • lawyers and nonlawyer mediators / certification
  • cross-cultural dispute resolution (Ilhyung Lee)
  • ADR in the Caribbean (Jean Sternlight)
  • ADR activities with law schools in Northern Ireland and perhaps also South Africa (Jim Levin)
  • organizational change intervention (Michael Diamond)
  • marketing a mediation practice
  • faculty bios (e.g., Jim Westbrook, Jerry Organ)
  • conflict resolution in the European Union, e.g., weakening nationalism in the European Union by creating cross-loyalties (e.g., Prof. Johnson of the Agriculture School)
  • media and ethics, conflict resolution, and/or First Amendment rights (Richard Reuben)
  • victim-offender mediation program planning (Janet Thompson and friends)
  • Kent Snapp
  • U.S. Postal Service REDRESS Program
  • Becky Magruder
  • new forms of lawyering (e.g., collaborative or holistic)
  • e-commerce dispute resolution
  • international commercial arbitration
  • conflict resolution in community forestry
  • student presentations (e.g., prior experiences, lawyering and DR in home countries, research interests )
  • bringing in federal employees (including but not limited to court mediators)
  • environmental mediation
  • Dispute resolution in the Warsaw Pact (Political Science Professor Robin Remington)
  • facilitating public participation meetings of Columbia Parents for Public Schools (Sarah Read)