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Vol. 1, Issue 5 - September 22, 2000

What's Inside:


Monday, Sept. 25 - Bob Bailey, John Lande, Jean Sternlight, and Jim Levin Faculty will give brief presentations about how they became interested in dispute resolution, how their careers unfolded, and their current interests. We will reserve time for questions and discussion. We start promptly at 12 p.m., so please plan your food-gathering accordingly. The brownbags are in Room 109.

A friend of Andria Zylstra's operates the Alpine Tower out behind the Vet School for use in team-building exercises. It is a pyramid structure out of logs used for climbing. Andria thought it might be something LL.M. students might want to engage in as a group activity, to help to get to know each other in a more fun/outdoor setting rather than in the classroom. It would be a half day of fun and teambuilding. The cost would be between $18-$20 per student and a minimum of eight students is needed to participate. If you are interested, please e-mail Andria at zylstraa@missouri.edu.

Copies of photos from the LL.M. picnic and reception have been distributed to students who were in the photos. Apologies that not everyone was in a photo or the same number of photos. If you weren't in the group photo at the picnic or really want a photo that you weren't in, let Laura J. Coleman (colemanl@missouri.edu) know and we will see what we can do. We plan to put up some photos on the LL.M. bulletin board on the first floor. If you are in a photo that you do not want posted, please let Laura know as well.

We are working with the computer lab in the Law Library to set up a time to do some follow-up training on the use the lab equipment. This would include a refresher on using the e-mail system. If you would be interested in participating in an hour-long session with Scott, please e-mail Karen at neylonk@missouri.edu. If there are specific topics you would like to see covered, please indicate that in your e-mail to Karen.


Mary Ellen Reimund, J.D., LL.M, Assistant Professor Law and Justice, Central Washington University and Kathleen Bird, J.D., Director of the Office of Dispute Resolution Services for the 7th Circuit in Kansas City did a workshop called "Confidentiality in VOM-A, False Promise?" at the 17th Annual International Training Institute & Conference -- "Innovative Practices in Restorative Justice and Victim Offender Processes" -- Sept. 12-16, 2000 in Minnetonka, Minn. The workshop looked at confidentiality as it relates to victim offender programs. Current statutory protections were discussed as was the proposed Uniform Mediation Act. Suggestions were offered on how to design programs with confidentiality in mind.

LL.M. students and alumni interested in contacting Mary Ellen to talk about her workshop or life after the LL.M. program can call her at home at (425) 427-6828. Her e-mail address is reimundm@cwu.edu

Gerardo Pico (LL.M. '00) sends greetings from Puerto Rico and invites current LL.M. students to contact him any time. His e-mail address is gerardo_pico@hotmail.com


The MU Board of Advocates runs a negotiation competition every year for the J.D. students. The winners go on to a regional competition and sometimes even the national competition. This year's competition will be held this Mon.-Wed. (Sept. 25-27).

If you are interested/willing to volunteer to be a judge for one of the sessions please call either Jeremy Brummond or Brad Lear at the Board of Advocates: 882-7062. (The minimum time commitment is about 1.5 hours).

It is very educational to watch these negotiations, and to think about negotiation strategies. Also, the J.D.s would greatly appreciate feedback from persons such as yourselves who have both practiced law and studied ADR. Also, you would be doing a service for the school. For those taking the practicum course, this can count towards your practicum hours. The judging is not hard. They give you a score sheet. Also, there will be several other competitions, later this semester or next semester, where they could greatly use your help. One is on interviewing & client counseling, and one is on mediation advocacy. The litigators among you might also want to help with moot court competitions.


Monday-Tuesday, Oct. 2-3 - Reynolds Alumni Center on the MU campus This conference will include sessions on the political context for commerce in the EU, strategic challenges for e-commerce in the EU, special interest groups and the EU, and issues for consultants and executive clients in the EU. The day-and-a-half agenda allows time for audience participation and informal discussion with the speakers.

The conference is cosponsored by the European Union Center and the Center for the Study of Organizational Change. Registration for this free conference in on the web at eu.missouri.edu/dimensions.html Questions regarding the registration process should be directed to Kelly B. Shaw, associate director of the European Union Center, 882-1551, shawk@health.missouri.edu

Online Dispute Resolution HARNESSING THE INTERNET TO EFFICIENTLY AND EFFECTIVELY RESOLVE DISPUTES Monday-Wednesday, October 16-18 Hyatt Regency at Civic Plaza - Phoenix, AZ Explore crucial developments in the realm of mediation and dispute resolution online. For more information visit www.iqpc.com/NY13/ODRmr

The Conflict Resolution Information Source is an extensive website that has recently been put up on the web. It includes Web resources, Print resources, Organizations, Programs/Projects, Scholars, Newsletters, Jobs and Careers, Online Courses, College Programs, K-12 Programs, Professional Trainings, Events and Calendars, Online Discussion and Conferences, and Search Engines, among other things. This is a good site to bookmark: www.crinfo.org/

If you are interested in hearing audio tapes from the recent SPIDR/CRENet conference, please send an email to Laura J. Coleman (colemanl@missouri.edu) with the session number(s) that you are interested in hearing. The conference program is listed at www.spidr.org/conf/. The tapes are produced and sold by The Sound of Knowledge, which has recordings of SPIDR conferences going back to 1993. For listings of the prior conferences, go to www.tsok.net/home.tpl and click on "Legal" Associations. There also are listings of sessions from the last two conferences of the Association of Family and Conciliation Courts, which also may be of interest. Be sure to give Laura all the information needed for ordering the tapes, including which conference, year, and session number and name. After the Library acquires the tapes, we will list them in the newsletter so that you will know what is available for you to borrow.


Family Court Coordinator, Jefferson City, MO The Office of State Courts Administrator has a new position available to supervise and coordinate a variety of family court activities for the circuit courts of Missouri including planning and implementation of Unified Family Courts and related program development in specialized areas of Family Law such as domestic violence, family preservation, and ADR. Overall responsibilities include evaluation and analysis of current court processes, assisting in the development of local court rules, social service programs, non-trial interventions, case processing and management systems, and recommending changes to the court's organizational structure and court functions related to the operation of the unified family court. For a full description of the job, please refer to the job posting book in 206 Hulston.