Methods for Program Evaluation and Design
University of Missouri-Columbia School of Law
Fall 2003

Professor Jennifer Robbennolt
317 Hulston Hall

Methods for Program Evaluation and Design
3 credits
F 8:00 – 10:50, Room 332A
Office Hours: by appointment

The course will cover the following topics:

  1. Research design: the use of empirical research in designing and evaluating dispute resolution systems; the role of a consumer of such research
  2. Systems design: the processes involved in designing effective conflict management systems; focusing primarily on the use of empirical research in the design process

Course Materials:

Barbara Sommer and Robert Sommer. 1997. A Practical Guide to Behavioral Research: Tools and Techniques (5th Ed.). New York: Oxford University Press. (S&S)

Cathy A. Costantino and Christina Sickles Merchant. 1996. Designing Conflict Management Systems. San Francisco: Jossey-Bass. (C&M)

Articles: There will be a number of supplemental readings over the course of the semester. There is a reading packet available for purchase at Quick Copy in Brady Commons and a number of readings are posted on the course web site. Additional readings or materials may be placed on reserve, distributed in class, or posted via the web site.

Assignments and Grading:

Tentative Schedule:

Class #1 Introduction

Readings: Hensler: A Research Agenda (see web course)
Hensler: ADR Research at the Crossroads (see web course)

Class #2 Research Methodology/Observation

Observation assignment due

Readings: S&S chapters 1, 2, 4, 5, 11, & 13

Class #3 Interviews/Surveys

Readings: S&S chapters 8 – 10
McAdoo & Hinshaw report (in reader)
4 newspaper articles on polling (in reader)
FYI: John Lande’s Suggestions for Questionnaire Design (in reader)

Guest: Art Hinshaw

Class #4 Experimentation

Question drafting assignment due

Readings: S&S chapter 6-7
S&S chapter 12 (pp. 197-200)
Guthrie: Panacea or Pandora’s Box?: The Costs of Options in Negotiation (in reader)

Class #5 Sampling/Statistics

Question Evaluation assignment due

Readings: S&S chapter 17-18
“Telling the Truth About Damned Lies and Statistics” (in reader)

Class #6 Dispute Systems/Assessment

Readings: C&M chapters 1 – 6
Ury, Brett, & Goldberg, chapter 5 (in reader)

Class #7 Discussion of Research Proposals

Descriptions of Research Problems due

Class #8 Dispute Systems Design I

Readings: C&M chapters 7 – 10
REDRESS Report – chapter 2 (in reader)
MacCoun: Unintended Consequences of Court Arbitration (in reader)
FYI: Guidelines for the Design of Integrated Conflict Management
Systems Within Organizations (see web course)
FYI: ADR Program Evaluation Recommendations (see web course)

Class #9 Dispute Systems Design II

Readings: C&M chapter 11-13
Wissler: The Effects of Mandatory Mediation (see web course)
FYI: Welsh & McAdoo: The ABCs of ADR (see web course)

Class #10 Donna Stienstra, Federal Judicial Center

NOTE: This class session will be extended into the afternoon; lunch will be provided

Class #11-13 Student Presentations of Final Projects

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