This is the webpage for Professor Freyermuth's Winter Semester 2014 Property course. Classes meet this semester in Classroom 7, on Monday through Friday from 8:00 a.m. to 9:05 a.m.

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Click here for the Course Syllabus, which has information about class policies, the casebook, and recommended supplemental readings.

May 7: Here are the cover pages for the in-class portion and the take-home portion of the exam.

April 20: Here are sample short answer questions used on previous exams, as well as several essay exams used on prior exams (including an essay question from the last two take-home exams).

April 16: Here are the diagrams of the parcels in the Graves v. Dennis case, which we'll go over in class on Thursday, April 17.

April 9: Here's a Q&A memo from the e-mail bag for the week of April 2-9. Also, here's the link to the engagement ring gift case I mentioned at the beginning of class this morning (treating the donor's "parting gift" comment as a waiver of the condition and making it an irrevocable gift).

April 2: Here's a Q&A memo with questions that arose over and after the break on the material in the Landlord-Tenant chapter (so far).

March 11: Here's a Q&A memo with some of the backlog of questions for the last couple of weeks (Feb. 24-March 10).

As you may have noted, on Monday, the Supreme Court decided the Marvin Brandt Revocable Trust v. United States case, in which it held (8-1) that the federal government did not retain control over land that had been granted to railroads once those lines were abandoned. Here's a report on the decision (hinting at its potential but unclear impact on "rails to trails" projects, such as Missouri's Katy Trail).

February 27: Many of you have asked about specific problems from the estates and future interests problem sets or from the RAP problem sets in the casebook. Here's a memo that includes the answers and explanations for the future interests problem sets in the book, and here's another one that includes answers and explanations for the RAP problem sets.

February 26: Finders law hits the news again, with a California couple finding a canister on their property containing gold coins worth an estimated $10 million.

February 26: Here are the slides used in the discussion of the future interest material during classes on Wednesday, February 26, Tuesday, February 25 and Monday, February 24.

February 22: Here's a question/answer memo addressing questions from the week of Feb. 17-21. Also, here are the slides from Thursday's class (the introductory information on defeasible estates).

February 17: Here's a copy of the slides that I was (or would have been) using in Monday's class when the computer decided to hang/reboot (including the actuarial table for valuing a life estate or a remainder interest, as I mentioned in class).

February 16: Here's a question/answer memo addressing questions that came up during the week of Feb. 10-13.

February 11: As we wrap up the discussion of adverse possession law, here's a link to a recent article in which one professor makes the argument that the law of adverse possession should be modified to prevent trespassers from taking possession of homes that are vacant because of foreclosures (i.e., homes that borrowers either lost to foreclosure or abandoned prior to foreclosure) and acquiring title to them by adverse possession.

February 9: Here's a question/answer memo addressing questions that came up after classes on February 6-7. Prior question/answer memos:

January 30-February 3
January 27-28
January 16-24


Assignments for Classes #38 through #41 (April 1-4, 2014)

Assignments for Classes #42 through #45 (April 7-10, 2014)

Assignments for Classes #46 through #49 (April 14-17, 2014)

Assignments for Classes #50 through #54 (April 21-28, 2014)

Class #55, Tuesday, April 29: Complete Boyles v. Hausmann, then read pages 701-708 (Risk of Loss and Sanford v. Briedenbach)

Class #56, Wednesday, April 30: Pages 804-813 (Mortgage Foreclosure and Installment Land Contract Enforcement)

Prior assignments are archived on the Assignments page.