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Registration closes at 4:00 pm Wednesday, August 31st.

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All 1Ls, 2Ls, and 3Ls may register for either Fall or Spring carrel assignments each term. The registration process takes place online ONLY. Although registration will not guarantee you an assignment, you can't receive an assignment unless you register on time! If you have any difficulty accessing the registration form online, please contact the Coordinator of Access Services immediately.

Some students may find it beneficial to team up with one other student and share a carrel. See assignment priorities below. If you want to take advantage of this approach, make sure that you coordinate with the other student in determining which one will be responsible for signing up each semester.

Assignments of individual study carrels will be made by the Coordinator of Access Services from the computer generated sign-up lists. For the Fall term, priority is given to shared carrel requests, 3Ls, 2Ls, and, finally, 1Ls. For the Spring term, priority is given to shared carrel requests, those who did not have a solo carrel assignment for the Fall term, and, finally, to those who had a solo carrel assignment for the Fall term -- for the latter two groups, the 3L, 2L, 1L priority is followed within the groups.

Legal Research and Writing Teaching Assistants are eligible to sign up for study carrels for their personal use.

Summer: Study Carrels are not assigned for the Summer term. A student may use any vacant carrel on a "first come, first served" basis. However, we will not be in the business of mediating disputes over any particular carrel.

If you have any comments or questions about seating in the Law Library, please feel free to contact the Coordinator of Access Services by e-mail, phone, or personal visit.

John Dethman
Research Librarian and Coordinator of Access Services
122 Hulston Hall, UMC