MAALL 2009 Conference

Copyright in Higher Education – Developments and Trends

October 16, 2009
Presented by Kevin L. Smith, Scholarly Communications Officer, Duke University
For MAALL Attendees & Invited University of Missouri Copyright Stakeholders
Sponsored by the MU Libraries, MAALL, and University of Missouri Law Library

Instructor: Kevin Smith, who is both a librarian and a lawyer, works in the main university library at Duke as a scholarly communications officer. He is a resource to university faculty, staff, administration, and students for advice on a wide variety of copyright, publishing, and licensing issues. Kevin serves on the faculty of the Association of Research Libraries’ institute on scholarly communications and on the American Library Association’s legislation subcommittee on intellectual property. He maintains a highly-regarded weblog on scholarly communications (

Workshop Overview: Last spring in Denver, copyright stakeholders from higher education convened for a conference titled Understanding Institutional Copyright Policy. The overview prepared by Academic Impressions, Inc. for that multi-day gathering frames the focus of this workshop: The easy accessibility of information and data through the Internet has changed the way faculty and students use information and is forcing institutions of all levels to revisit copyright and intellectual property issues. At the same time, institutions are addressing the ownership of works such as scholarly books and articles, conference papers, teaching materials, class projects, and websites created by the campus community as they see the potential for additional income by commercializing online courses.

Kevin Smith, presenter of several of the Denver sessions, will cover the heart of the Denver conference and draw in other issues for our joint audiences of MAALL and University of Missouri copyright stakeholders. As scheduled below, this workshop includes four sessions (four hours in all) on substantive copyright issues. MAALL attendees and UM registrants are welcome to attend each of these sessions.

In addition to the substantive sessions, there will be a breakfast meeting for UM attendees and Kevin, a lunch meeting for UM Library Directors and Kevin, and a post workshop meeting. These meetings are intended to identify and prioritize shared copyright concerns at the University of Missouri in order to jump start an institutional copyright review effort in 2009-10. At the post workshop meeting, Kevin will work with a UM task force and interested stakeholder on a process for reviewing and updating institutional copyright policies.

The workshop schedule with descriptions for each session and meeting follows. Links to basic and refresher material and to advanced materials for exploring special areas of interest in greater depth in advance of the workshop are provided at the end of the meeting/session descriptions. Although this is not designed as a basic copyright workshop, reminders of the basics will be included to set context. Attendees at any level of copyright knowledge will find the program beneficial. For relative newcomers, the suggested reading provides the necessary context and baseline knowledge to fully participate and benefit from this workshop.

Workshop Schedule